Infinite Conference of Light

Gathering of Crystal Light Souls Infinite Conference of Light
This Year’s GATHERING OF CRYSTAL LIGHT SOULS Conference will entrance the Minds, open Hearts, and prepare all who Arrive for the most entertaining CRYSTAL LIGHT Essences of Mastery that could ever be demonstrated into the LIVE Energies of every human Soul now Actively Awakened. There will be an explosion of LIGHT BEINGS Frequencies empowering all Souls to enter into ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS with the INFINITE ONE. The Speakers of Jorge, Rob, Jason and Nora will be delivering spell bounding information that will flow through their Master Minds that shall bring tears of Enlightenment to those who sit before these CRYSTAL LIGHT SOULS of Master Intelligences. The Divine Orchestration of all CRYSTAL LIGHT SOULS who are being called to this Crystal Auditorium of Masters, adorned by the Essence of many Star Elders and Star Nations will be building a Diamond Matrix of ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS over the entire weekend. All Systems of the Body Mind and Soul will be Awakened, Shaken and uplifted into a new Essence of CRYSTAL LIGHT, All Knowing, All Being through All Seeing and All Hearing of the “Master Speaking” directly into their Heartbeats. The Mind will be empowered of TRUTHS, the Soul will be amplified and connected to a new wave of Communicating. When the “Masters Speak” the Souls will raise up in Consciousness as your own Divine CRYSTAL LIGHT SOUL will radiates LIGHT LOVE PEACE into the Body and Mind as ONENESS CONSCIOUSNESS. WE WELCOME your ESSENCE and PRESENCE to this TRANSFORMING TRANSCENDING Weekend IAM not One, IAM many, and WE are all becoming a DIAMOND MATRIX of LIGHT LOVE PEACE to assist in the Ascension of this new Earth


October 13th & 14th

At the DoubleTree by Hilton, 108 Chestnut Street Toronto, M5G 1R3

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Nora Anderson

nora WalksInSpirit

Rob Potter

Rob Potter


Jorge Luis Delgado


Pete Bernard

Jason Quitt

Jason Quitt


Michael Moon

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Nora Visited Hugh Reilly on Liquid Lunch 2018

2016 visit with Hugh Reilly on Liquid

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