Who is nora WalksInSpirit?

Nora WalksInSpiritThe discussion always begins with Who, What and When you began this Journey of LIGHT??? It all began with the HOLY CHRIST speaking and healing Nora’s mind of Fear and then exploded into Masters of many Realms speaking and walking in Spirit with her at all hours when she would call out in fear. A very empowering Native arrived one day named EagleFeather who gifted her, her name being “noraWalksInSpirit” in a FIRE Ceremony surrounded in a Hoop of ONENESS by many Elders and Masters such as Jesus. Both EagleFeather and Jesus became the closest ONES to her, then Ascended Masters of Metatron, Melchizedek and now it is the INFINITE ONE and MASTERS such as JESUS of the INFINITE LIGHT CHAMBER ROOMS who are teaching and healing and transmitting CODES into many Dimensional Grid Systems simultaneously in human forms and into Multi Dimensions of Grid Systems to co create ONENESS vibrations of LOVE.

A Bridge to FREEDOM into REALITY Consciousness is what the Masters demonstrated to Nora, and this same Bridge to REALITY Consciousness is now alive and moving into the Hearts and Minds and Souls of all who are Transforming into the 5D Consciousness now, elevating the Planet. The next level of operating this Consciousness Network is through Communications of your CRYSTAL LIGHT SOUL

And you are all more than ready to Amplify, Accelerate and Activate into the LIGHT CODES of Consciousness of your CRYSTAL LIGHT SOUL….. Let the Teachings begin, Let the Students arrive….


noraWalksInSpirit mind and body serve as portal for higher Beings to utilize so that they can have a physical presence to connect with the third dimension of our world. Through Nora’s physical body, higher beings are able to share valuable knowledge and wisdom, impart important teachings and help raise the energy of the planet.


Who are the Infinite All?

The intelligent Beings can collectively be referred to as the Infinite All, hence the name of this website. Specially, various forms of intelligence come through Nora’s body, including Jesus, Moses, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Arch Angel Metatron, Enoch, Isis and many more. What is essential to understand is that the Being that does come through nora WalksInSpirit at any given time does so based on what is happening at that time as well as on what is needed at that time.

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