Jason Quitt

Jason Quitt

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Jason will be discussing the Awakening of Consciousness into our Multi-Dimensional future selves. Through his own personal experiences of astral travel through the great spiders web of time and space,

Jason will share what he has learned in his out of body states. We are all walking the multidimensional path of life. This is a path of great beauty and challenges that deliver profound teachings of the universe around us. As humans awakened to this reality, we find ourselves part of the great mystery of the manifested and unseen worlds. By shifting our perception we can start to see and experience things beyond the physical and enter the realm of the Shamans, who can leave their bodies and traverse time and space to gather knowledge and healing.

Jason Quitt is a lifetime experiencer and researcher of consciousness. Jason is the author of “Forbidden Knowledge – Revelations of a Multidimensional Time Traveler, The Egyptian Postures of Power – Ancient Qigong System & The Yosef Codes – Sacred Geometry Mandalas of Meditation”, Connecting The Spiders Web – Ancient Knowledge of the Earth Grid

Speaker Schedule

October 13: Awakening of Consciousness into our Multi-Dimensional future selves