Michael Moon

Sacred Sounds

Michael Moon

Sacred Sounds


In the many things I do, Nature and Spirit are at the core. To heal and build a relationship with Earth and nourish a connection with Spirit while helping others do the same is my passion in life and what I share with you here through Music, Photography and Astrology.

I have always been fascinated by music’s mysterious healing qualities and have found it to be my greatest teacher. Back in 1989 amidst a difficult health crisis I had a profound life-changing experience where I heard exquisitely beautiful music emerging from the sounds of nature. This musical voice compelled me to translate what I heard and it became my pathway to healing. This led me to study with shamans, healers and musicians from around the world exploring the mystical and healing dimensions of Sound, Spirit and Nature as well as my personal take on astrology and photography.

I trust the music, art and writings on this site will bring you peace and inspiration for your own healing journey as they have done for me.

What to Expect During A Performance

Many clients feel a lift of spirits after the performances. Whether a one-time concert or a series to assist with transition, recovery or general well-being, music can and does help to heal our spirits, souls and bodies. We provide private, bedside concerts by trained professionals or general atrium concerts by award-winning musicians.


Interlude of Music throughout the weekend

October 13th: Opening Ceremony Sacred Sounds with Michael Moon

Magic of Crystal Light Bowls, Symphonies of Chimes and Gongs will take us into a Sacred Connection and Vibrations of Mother Earth as we anchor back in ONENESS states of LOVE, purify the Body, Mind and Soul to create elevated Energies within.

October 14th: Opening Ceremony Crystal Energies of Light to activate All into STILLNESS with noraWalksInSpirit